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CNC Punching

Precision CNC punching with high-speed and heavy-tonnage capabilities. P&S produces parts of exceptional quality with close-tolerance requirements in all volume ranges. Whether your companies quantities are in the hundreds or thousands we can meet your needs. Full Automation or Stand Alone punching and forming is readily available to our customers. From Boxes to Panels, Electrical Enclosures to Internal Brackets and Levers. We stand ready to assist your fabrication needs.

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Amada EMK 3510

CNC Punching Capabilities

  • Auto Load Hard Tooling Required
  • .250 Steel (Max)
  • .187 Stainless (Max)
  • .187 Aluminum 5052 (Max)

Table size

  • 48 x 96 with repositioning

CNC Punching Equipment

  •  Amada EMK 3510 33 Tons with Auto Sheet Loader
  •  Amada Pega King 345 33 Tons