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Terms & Conditions

Supplier Terms and Conditions
Revision B (09/22/2021)
​Supplier Terms and Conditions

1.) All Purchase Orders are issued under a specific PO number. This number must be referenced on invoices and packing slips.

2.) All freight should be collect P&S Machining and Fabrication, unless otherwise requested, and shipped via specific instructions provided by P&S.

3.) Raw Materials must be clearly marked and identified. All Material Certification request will be listed on Purchase Orders as needed.

4.) Any overages must be approved prior to shipping. P&S reserves the right to return such overages to vendor at vendors expense. Shipping and handling charges will apply on a cost plus basis and shall be deducted from payment.

5.) P&S will not pay any surcharges and requires vendors to adhere to their quoted price.

6.) P&S must be notified by supplier of any nonconforming product and obtain management approval for nonconforming product disposition and/or any changes of the requested product or process requested.

7.) Acceptance of PO provides P&S Machining and Fabrication and its customer(s) with Right of Access to all records and related documents to the reference item.  All items are subject to all applicable statutory and regulatory laws of each facilities that are involved in the process(es) of such products.

8.) Process change approval required by P&S Management in writing and must include First Article Inspection and Quality Approval. Change in supplier(s), manufacturing facility, and where required, obtain P&S approval consisting of flow down to supply chain the applicable requirements including customer requirements.

9.) Record retention requirements of 3 years for any First Article Inspection, Corrective Action Reports, Material Certifications and Non-conforming products are required by the supply chain.

10.) Any special Requirements listed on PO must be strictly adhered to and vendor shall not deviate from such request.

11)  All information provided to vendors is confidential. Information to be disclosed to third parties will be done so only with the written permission of P&S Machining and Fabrication Inc.

***Terms & conditions are subject to change***